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Ragnar Nordström (Loviisa 16.1.1894 - Loviisa, 25.12.1982) started his business by buying the stewedoring company Lovisa Stevedoring 1922.

Nordström acquired 1926 from Loviisa a ship brokers and stevedoring partnership firm and 1928 it was registered as R. Nordström & C:o A/B O/Y. Later this company took care of the ship chartering and managing. In the year 1969 the name was changed as Oy R. Nordström & Co Ab.

The shipping business started 1926 when Nordström purchased the majority of Lovisa Ångfartygs Ab. The company had been founded 1907 and owned steamships ss LOVISA and ss SÖDERN. Both were coastal passenger steamers.

The first cargo ship of Lovisa Ångfartygs Ab was acquired 28.3.1927 from England. The 3150 dwt steamer was built 1899 in Rostock and was renamed NINA according to the name of Ragnar Nordström's wife. The next year was bought ss GRETA and 1936 ss INGA.

Lovisa Rederi Ab was founded 1930 and the next year was bought the first steamer 4300 dwt BRITA. The BRITA was transferred to Loviisan Kalastus Oy that was founded on the very same year. Lovisa Rederi was merged with R. Nordström 1969.

Loviisan Kalastus Oy was merged with Elfvingin Kalastuslaivue Oy from Hanko. The new name was Suomen Kalastus Oy - Finska Fiskeri Ab. The company was fishing herring at Arctic Ocean. The company made bankrupt 1963.

R. Nordström & C:o A/B O/Y purchased other shipping companies as follows:

Laivanvarustus Oy Oulu Rederi Ab was founded in Oulu 9.5.1933. The board memebers were engineer Björn Weckman, lawyer C.J. Ehrnroth, lawyer E. Indrenius-Zalewski. The real owner was Rederi Ab Fredrika, Stockholm. Fredrika owned steamers RAGUNDA and OSCAR MIDLING, since 1916. The RAGUNDA was first flag of convenience ship in Oulu shipregister. The Oulu Rederi with both steamers was acquired by Nordström during the war years. Oulu Rederi was merged with Lovisa Rederi 1952.

Ab Mare was founded in Turku in the year 1932 by Ångfartygs Ab Bore and Kymi Oy. The company owned steamers MYLLYKOSKI, KARHULA and INGEROIS. Mare was bought in april 1941 and merged with Lovisa Rederi 1951.

Fartygs AB Inha Laiva Oy with ss INHA was purchased 1941. Steamer INHA grouded and sunk off Simrishamn Sweden in 16th november of the same year.

M. Rauanheimo Oy was founded in Petsamo by harbour master Mauri Rauanheimo (1902 - 1938). Nordström purchased the company 1940. It was moved to Kokkola 1945. The Nordström family sold the company 1983 to Auto-Haro Oy.

Oy Wildfart Ltd was founded in Helsinki 1937. Nordström bought the company 1952

Oy Suomi Shipping Ab was founded in Helsinki 1934. Nordström bought the company 1952.

Ab Caledonia Stemahsip Co Oy was founded 27.6.1939 in Helsinki for steamer BRITANNIC. Owners were Paul Henriksson, Carl Olsen and Karl Strömsten. A board memeber was Ragnar Nordström. He bought the company and  31.12.1955 it was merged with Lovisa rederi Ab.

Caledonia Steamship

Ab Caledonia Steamship Co. Ltd. Kuva: Markku Kääntä.

During the years the Nordström company managed altogether 60 vessels: second hand cargo ships, tankers (3) and newbuildings (4). Also 11 trawlers, fishingboats and tugs.

Colonel Ragnar Nordström was also involved with other business. He builded power plants and many kind of factories to manufacture products.

Ab R. Nordström & Co Oy was sold by Kansallis Osake Pankki to Enso-Gutzeit Oy 29.12.1970. The ship management was transferred to  Oy Finnlines Ltd.

After Ab R. Nordström & Co Oy

Sons of the colonel Immo-Ragnar and Raimo-Ragnar Nordstöm acquired the first Finnish container ship KATRINA trading from Mäntyluoto to Hull. After twelve years Meri Shipping Company Oy went bankrupt. The KATRINA was laid up as a granary at Naantali.

Veli-Ragnar Nordström founded with Sea Containers of UK 1966 Containerships Oyj. Today the company operates in Baltic and Mediterranean waters. Main shareholders are Nordstrom familymembers Kimmo, Harri and Karita Nordström

Ilmari Elo: Loviisalaisen perhevarustamon historia 1926 - 1970
Erkki Riimala: Suomalaisia höyrylaivoja 150 vuotta, kustantaja Suomen höyrypursiseura ry
Pentti Utriainen


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