Heikki and Svante Kurikka and Alexander Slotte (also Esa Harju, Juho Lampi, Emil Larja) founded Vaasan Laiva Oy 1931. The manager was captain Paul Eriksson. Captain Alf Korhonen was the manager from 1953 and the company was moved to Helsinki and was sold 1968 to Suomen Tankkilaiva Oy. The steamships purchased during 30's were: KOURA, KEMI, KURIKKA and KUURTANES and KOURA (2). KEMI was sold to Mariehamn. The Allies sized all other ships 1941. KOURA (2) and KUURTANES were returned 1947. The same year were purchased KURIKKA (2) and 1950 the KEMIÖ. Vaasan Laiva Oy managed steamers ANNUKKA and SINIKKA of Oy Proctor Ab (Aarne J. Aarnio) Later all the ships were motorships: KORSHOLMA, KUURTANES (2), VAASA, VAASA LEADER, VAASA PROVIDER.
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