SS TAMMERFORS (OFVD, LR 5522224) Valmistunut/completed: 1939.7.26, Norge, Tønsberg, Kaldnes Mekaniske Verksted A/S.
2642 dwt, 1180 bhp, 78.64 x 12.80 x 5.54 m.
1939.7.26: BISCAYA, Oslo. D/S I/S Garonne og Fearnley & Egers Befragtningsforretning A/S, Oslo.
1955.3.15: TAMMERFORS, homeport Helsinki. Ab Finska Nordamerika Linjen (Rederi Ab Suomi — Laivanvarustaja Oy Suomi, Vänrikki Stoolink. 3 A 10) Helsinki. Price 120000 £. 1954.11.30: Acquired. Trading to the Great Lakes, three trips a season. 1958.12.2: MARIA, homeport Loviisa. Suomen Kalastus Oy — Finska Fiskeri Ab (Ab R. Nordström & Co Oy) Lovisa. Sold with ss HELSINGFORS, total price 120000£. 1959: sailed three trips to the Great Lakes chartered to Nordlake Line.
1960.8.12: A collision on the Detroit River between the Finnish freighter MARIA and the ALEXANDER T. WOOD damaged both vessels and put the latter aground in the Ballard Reef Channel. After being lightered of some grain by MAITLAND NO. 1, the vessel was released with the aid of the tug JOHN PURVES. MARIA, a pre-Seaway caller to the Great Lakes as BISCAYA and TAMMERFORS, was towed to the Great Lakes Engineering Works at Ecorse for repairs. It was eventually scrapped in Yugoslavia in 1968. ALEXANDER T. WOOD sank as VAINQUER after an explosion in the Gulf of Mexico on March 15, 1969.
1963: Ab Lovisa Stevedoring Co Oy. Price 900000 FIM.
1964.9.22: MARIA, Alexander Besi & Georg Tsopopoulos, Athens. 1964.10: delivery in Elsinore, Maria Cia Naviera de Vapores S.A. Piraeus.
1968.5.22: MARIA, arrived at Split for demolition, Brodospas


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MARIA, Öresund
MARIA, Öresund

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