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Stuart Smith writes:
The first Tintern Abbey was launched on 20 April 1909 by Richardson Duck, Thornaby for Abbey SS Co. Ltd. She was sold to Russia in 1921 and became Jacov Sverdlov. She was scuttled at Molotovsk in 1946.
The second vessel was completed in April 1910 by Irvine Shipbuilders for Belgian owners as Lamorna. She became Colombier in 1916 and Tintern Abbey in 1922. By 1923 she was named Christine and then became Christine Marine in 1933. Her last name was Inga in 1936 before she sank after a collision in the Kiel Canal on 17 December 1940.
The third possibility was built by Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson and launched on 3 June 1924 as Forestbeech. She became Tintern Abbey in 1926 and Marie in 1936. She sank on 18 July 1948 after a collision.
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