Bolkoburg.jpg Supply tanker ERMLAND entering the French Antlantic port of NantesThumbnailsWar transport TELDE in a German North Sea port during winter 1940/1941
Target ship BOLKOBURG (3436 grt / 1929 nrt)

Dec. 1938: ordered by the Polish Polbryt (Poland-Britain) Line as a combined passenger-cargo motor vessel with the name WARSZAWA II.
Nov. 1939: launched by the Dutch yard J. C. Smit De Noord, Alblasserdamm and should be delivered on 15 March 1940, but delayed due to subcontractors.
15 May 1940: captured by German troops at Alblasserdamm.
1940: completed as German OSTWIND and taken over by the Ostdeutsche Reederei GmbH, Danzig (Gdansk).
18 May 1941: taken over by the German Navy (Kriegsmarine) as a U-Boat depot ship for the 24th U-Boat training flotilla at Danzig, new name: BOLKOBURG.
1 July 1941: commissioned as a target ship for working-up U-Boats in the eastern Baltic Sea, armed with two 3.7-cm guns and three 20-mm AA-guns.
1 Jan. 1942: assigned to the 26th training U-flotilla.
20 Aug. 1943: collided with the U-Boat U-670 at 2330 h in the Danzig Bay, 21 submariners were lost and 22 others were rescued.
5 April 1945: attached to the 25th U-flotilla.
3/4 May 1945: attacked by Allied aircraft south of Fehmarn Island and set on fire, run aground on a nearby sandbank and burnt-out the following day.
7 May 1945: gutted wreck sank in shallow waters.
Jan. 1949: wreck examined by Polish salvage firm.
11 June 1949: raised and towed to Gdansk on 18 July.
1949: several plans to rebuilt the ship were abandoned due to extensive damages, eventually scrapped in 1950.
1958: the ex-WARSZAWA II Stork diesel engine was installed in the Polish cargo ship MONTE CASSINO, lasting until 1982.

Text and Photo: Sebastian Boreck, Berlin